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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Friendship Day 2023

  Jnyanabhandar       Sunday, August 6, 2023

Friendship Day honours the meaningful bonds we share with our friends over the course of our life. After all, friendship is one of the most genuine relationship forms, not based on societal expectations, caste, creed, colour, age, religion or ethnicity. Friends are the family we choose. They stand up for us in our happiest and saddest moments. A friend not only cheers for us during our achievements, but they also call out our problematic behaviour or give us a shoulder to cry on during hard times. Friendship Day commemorated this special relationship. So, we decided to share everything you need to know about this day to celebrate it with your gang.

Humans are the most social beings on earth: we need to relate to others, just as Abraham Maslow exposed in his Hierarchy of human needs. Our sociological needs motivate our behavior, encouraging us to make interpersonal relationships and connect with others on a deeper level. With such a huge need for human connection with people other than our significant other, it’s no wonder that we celebrate an entire holiday based on the importance of friendship.

Friendship Day 2023 in India

In India, Friendship Day is significant. The bond of friendship is highly valued, and this day is marked with joy and celebration.

On August 6, 2023, people across India will embrace this special day. They’ll exchange gifts, enjoy picnics, and attend parties to commemorate their friendships.

International Friendship Day 2023

The importance of International Friendship Day cannot be understated. It’s a global recognition of the power of friendship, bringing together people from every corner of the Earth.

On July 30, 2023, international events and initiatives will unfold. They will celebrate the universal themes of empathy, solidarity, and understanding that friendships inspire.

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