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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

This is regarding the posts circulating on Social Media platforms regarding the NEET 2024

  Jnyanabhandar       Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Regarding NEET (UG)-2024: Posts circulating on Social Media
This is regarding the posts circulating on Social Media platforms regarding the NEET (UG)-
2024 Examination held on 5th May, 2024, wherein, a perception is being created that the
Question Paper got leaked before the commencement of examination. To set the record
straight, NTA informs the following to candidates, their parents, teachers and all concerned:
1. NEET (UG) 2024 has been conducted successfully by the National Testing Agency (NTA)
across 4750 centres in 571 cities (including 14 cities abroad) on 5th May, 2024.
2. It has been ascertained from NTA's security protocols and Standard Operating Procedures
that the Social Media Posts pointing towards any paper leak are completely baseless and 
without any ground. To put rumours to rest, it is also stated that every single Question Paper 
(QP) has been accounted for. Further, it is also to be noted that after the gates of the 
Examination Centres are closed, no one from outside is permitted access inside the Halls 
which are under CCTV surveillance.
3. As mentioned in yesterday's NTA Press Release that there was one incident at a Centre 
in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan where some students forcibly took away the QPs before the 
conclusion of the examination. A picture of this QP is being linked to alleged incident of paper 
leak which is mischievous and preposterous. As mentioned in para 2, there is no way any 
external person/agency can access the centres, once the examination started.
4. All other photographs of QPs circulating in Social Media have no relation to the Actual 
Examination Question Paper which has been administered.
5. Having mentioned the above, there have been cases of malpractice/impersonation where 
strict action has been taken on impersonators/candidates. 
6. In addition to the above, NTA also conducts post-exam data analysis, to detect cases of 
Unfair Means(UFM). Action on UFM cases is taken as per extant rules, which includes 
cancellation of candidature and debarment from future examinations.

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