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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Karnataka Government Servants (Procedure for Change of Names) Rules, 1967

  Jnyanabhandar       Saturday, May 18, 2024
Karnataka Government Servants 
(Procedure for Change of Names) Rules, 1967.

The question of making rules providing for the procedure to be 
followed by Government servants desiring to change their names has been 
considered by Government in the light of practice prevailing in the 
neighboring States. 
 2. In supersession of the instructions issued in the O.M.No. GAD 62 
PLX 60, dated 9
th December, 1960, the Government of Mysore hereby 
direct that the procedure shall be as indicated in the rules are to this 
Government order. 
 3. Government have also considered the question whether 
consequent upon the change of name of a Government servant any changes 
in the certificates, diplomas or degrees of such persons should also be 
made. As any change of name can be effective only prospectively it is 
hereby directed that no change in the certificates/diplomas, degrees,etc., 
held by the person concerned should be made but that copies of the 
notification evidencing the change of name be filed in the service record of 
the person concerned.

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